Jeffery Goffman

Chief Executive Officer

Jeffrey Goffman is the Chief Executive Officer of Integrated Oncology Network, LLC in 2009. Mr. Goffman was the CEO and Founder of OnCURE Medical Corp. (“OnCURE”). OnCURE was one of the largest providers of outpatient radiation oncology care in the United States until sold in 2006.

Mr. Goffman was also a co-founder of Affiliated Pet Systems, LLC, a private company that provides PETCT services in the Maryland / Washington D.C. area, which was sold in 2015.

Mr. Goffman was the CEO and Founder of U.S. Diagnostic, Inc. (“USD”), a leading consolidator of outpatient diagnostic imaging facilities. Mr. Goffman took USD Public in 1994.

Mr. Goffman is an inactive Certified Public Accountant licensed in New York and Florida and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the Barney School of Business at the University of Hartford. Mr. Goffman is the Chair of the American Cancer Society’s CEO’s Against Cancer California Chapter, and the former Chair of the Orange County Regional Council. Mr. Goffman serves on the non-profit board of CureDuchenne and Wings for Crossover.

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